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COED 6’s

Teams must have 4 players on the court for the entire game to avoid a forfeit.
To qualify their team, 1/2 of the players on the court must be from their roster.
Teams may then pick up additional players (male or female) to field a team of 4,5, or
6, as long as the additional player(s) sign the team roster.
A minimum of 2 females are needed on the court to play
Cannot have more males than females on the court at any time.


All players, including added players, must sign their team’s roster/waiver BEFORE
the START of their team’s first regular season game in order to be eligible to play in the

Playing with ineligible players may result in a forfeit. This call will be made by TBS
staff.  It is the responsibility of the team captains to make sure all players in their line-up
card are eligible players for all games

ADDING PLAYERS TO ROSTERS Captains may add players to the roster, but only
6 players will be allowed to play at one time and only 8 prizes will be awarded.



Any team may pick up a player as long as that player has signed a roster
Pickup players are NOT allowed in the tournament/playoffs/championship game
ID may be required for at any time during season, if roster questions arise



Forfeit times are: 10 minutes grace period for the first game only. The 10 minutes is
deducted from the game time
Your team should be at the court by game time to avoid a forfeit. Refs will not look
for teams
If teams have enough to start (2 players including a female for coed 4’s) the game
will begin in order to keep matches on schedule.
Efforts to delay a start of a match may result in a forfeit of the 1st game


Rotating position is not required, but you must rotate your serving order.

Late arrival player, necessary to complete a full team, player may rotate in by  requesting a substitution.

If rotating additional players into the order, that player must enter into the serving

Once substitution is started, it must be continued.

Late player arrival, the team is full, player may rotate in on the serve.

Failure to keep the proper rotation will result in loss of rally.


Match play will be best 2 out of 3 games. Games will be played RALLY SCORING.

First 2 games to 21 points, winning by a 2-point advantage, and a cap of 25.

If necessary a third game will be to 15, winning by 2, with a cap of 19.

Rally scoring is where a point is won on every serve, regardless of which team
served. On a third game teams will switch sides every 8 points.


A player may touch the ball with any part of the body, including kicking.

The ball must be contacted cleanly and not held, lifted, pushed, caught, carried or
thrown. The ball cannot roll or come to rest in any part of the body. It can rebound in
any direction. An exception shall be allowed during the defensive play of a hard-driven
ball (an attack-hit or blocked ball traveling at a high rate of speed), as judged by the
referee. In that case, the ball may be momentarily lifted or pushed.

A player may have successive contacts with the ball during a single attempt to make
the team’s first contact provided the fingers are not used to direct the ball.

It is legal to receive a served ball using the fingers in a setting action, provided that
there is not a double contact or a held ball. A double contact or held ball with the fingers
in a setting action receiving the ball is illegal.

A player may not attack or block the serve in the viewpoint of the official.

Plays involving finger action require special attention. If the play is defensive and

reactive in nature, as in the case of a hard-driven ball, momentarily held or double-
contacted balls are not considered faults. Furthermore, this may apply to the second
touch of a team if the block contact was slight and the ball is still a hard-driven attack, or
to the defensive action (team first contact) after a ball has been blocked. If the player
decides/intends to employ finger action, as in the case of off-speed attack defense or
setting, the action must be “clean.”

When contacting the ball with one hand, other than for setting the ball to a
teammate, the ball must be cleanly hit with the heel or palm of the hand (a roll shot),
with straight, locked fingertips (a cobra), knurled fingers (a camel toe) or with the back
of the hand from the wrist to the knuckles. One-handed placement or redirection of the
ball with the fingers (a dink or open-hand tip) is a fault.

A blocking contact is not counted as a team contact. The blocking team will have
three contacts after a blocking contact.

Rotation of a set ball may indicate a held ball or multiple contacts during the  set, but
in itself is not a fault.


Serve will be determined for the first game based on a “coin toss” call by the captain.

NET SERVES ARE LEGAL. Any served ball that contacts the net and continues over
is considered a live and legal serve.

The server must contact the ball within 5 seconds after the referee authorizes

If the ball, after having been tossed by the server, lands without being touched or
caught by the server, the player will get ONE retry only.

No requirement to “toss” the ball and hit out of the air, but if it is “teed” off, the ball
MUST be stationary when hit.

During playoffs the team with the higher seed will get choice of serve or side. If
seedings are not known, then “coin toss” will be used.
Interference, screening: If a player steps on or crosses into an adjacent court the ball
is considered dead and out-of-play.

Service Foot Faults will be called in all levels.

Contact with the net will be considered a fault during an active play.

Under the Net Violations will not be called as long as you do not interfere with
anyone on the opposite side of the net.

The teammates of the server must not prevent the opposing team, through

screening, from seeing the server or the path of the ball. On the opponent’s request,
they must move sideways to allow view.


Allowed are two (2) 30-second time outs per game..

Must be called before the service has been authorized.

One warning will be called for  Prolonging a time out  and will result loss of rally for
subsequent offenses.


If there are any questions or concerns only your team captain may speak with the
official directly.

Your referees will be happy to answer any questions or explain any rules to your


Any player or fan is encouraged to cheer for their team but the use of disparaging
language is discouraged and will result in penalties of players or dismissals of fans

Teams will be penalized points or serve for unsportsmanlike conduct  and/or bad
mouthing the ref

Any fans of teams may be asked to leave by Tampa Bay Softball/Volleyball staff, for
any reason deemed necessary by the ref.  Refusal to leave could result in forfeiture of


·      Seeding for the tournament will be based on the following criteria:

1.  winning percentage

2.  head-to-head play

(if 3 or more teams are tied this means head to head record amongst all tied teams),

3.  most total games won

4.  fewest total games lost

5.  coin toss