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PLAYERS:ALL PLAYERS MUST SIGN THE ROSTER PRIOR TO PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!  No player will be allowed to play if they have been drinking and                        considered to be intoxicated.


  1. Players:  Only female players

Only players on the roster may play (speak with the umpire about removing and replacing players)

If you have to forfeit, it  will count as a 7-0 win.

Minimum to start is 8 players.

ALL PLAYERS MUST SIGN THE ROSTER PRIOR TO PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!  No player will be allowed to play if they have been drinking and considered to be intoxicated.   Mixed division unless enough teams have registered to have divisions.

  1. Players: A team may play 12 PLAYERS. (bat 12) The roster can be up to 20 but ONLY 12 prizes will be awarded.  PICK UP PLAYERS ALLOWED only during that teams, first game of the day.  A player must have played one (1) game and be on the roster, to qualify to play in Championship game.     

ELIGIBLE PLAYOFF PLAYERS: All players, including added players, must sign their team’s roster/waiver before the start of the game.  A player may only be on one roster.

Game. Playing with ineligible players may result in a forfeit. This call will be made by TBS staff or the lead umpire.  The opposing team may choice to play and not take the forfeit. It is the responsibility of the team captains to make sure all players in their line-up card are eligible players for all games.

There is a $50 fee to protest the roster of another team. Fee will be refunded if protest is won.

2. AT NO TIME CAN YOU HAVE MORE THAN 12 PLAYERS. If you remove a player from the roster and add a replacement, that replacement CANNOT be added if you already have 10 players.

If at anytime the umpire observes an illegal player the umpire will terminate the game and a forfeit will go to the team with the illegal player at the umpires discretion. The other team may opt to allow the game to continue .

3. PICK UP PLAYERS: are allowed but MUST be a pool player, already signed on another’s team roster and  only allowed for the FIRST game of the day, for that team.  

4.Foul Balls: no courtesy after 2 strikes

5.Fielders position: A defensive player may not impede a runner’s progress by standing in the baseline, unless the defensive player is fielding a batted ball…. Blocking of the bag without the ball shall result in an obstruction call, a warning to the offending player, and the runner will be awarded the base. There are no set positions for fielders. Meaning, you may play male or female in any fielding position.  However, no infielder may play on the grass or infield  while a female is batting.

6.Outfielders position:  Maximum field players 10, minimum is 6. Positions coach/fielders choice.

7.Courtesy runners: You may select a designated runner on your  line up card. The designated runner does not have to play the field or bat.

8. No designated fielders, any and all fielders must be placed in the batting order and bat.

9. Injured players: MUST report the injury immediately to the umpire. The injured player will be removed from the batting order and will not be allowed to field.  The injured player will not  be allowed to continue to play at any time during the day unless the umpire has been provided with evidence the injured player is capable of playing and no substantial injury occurred.

10. PROFANITY: Profanity will not be tolerated and may be grounds for players being called out or ejected at the discretion of the umpire.  Absolutely no F word directed at anyone.  First offense for a player is an out, second offense, ejection with an out each time that players is up to bat. If a player is not playing on the field but is in the dugout or near the playing field and is using profanity toward the team or teams playing, the umpire WILL start calling an out for every F bomb used against that individuals team, regardless if that team is batting. If that team is not batting the outs will apply when they come up to bat.  If there is a spectator supporting a team who becomes abusive verbally towards any player, spectator or umpire, the umpire shall warn the spectator and the team, if the spectator continues, the umpire will start calling outs for the team, the spectator was supporting until the spectator ceases the abuse, regardless if the team is batting or not. If the team is not batting the outs will apply when they come up to bat.

11. Ejection from game: Once ejected a player cannot play in that game. It will be the umpire’s discretion,  if the player will be allowed to play any remainder games.  Fighting, wrestling, or pushing will not be tolerated and may result in multi-game suspensions or ejection from the league all together.  Only ONE warning will be given for the throwing of equipment (even if equipment belongs to the individual). Verbal abuse of officials or players, fighting, foul language, spitting, kicking of dirt and continued rough play could result in player ejections. If a player is ejected, the team may not replace that player with another player. Meaning, if you have a 13 person line up and one player is ejected you continue to play with 12 and take an out for that 13 player.

12. Running to first base (orange base) “extra base” is being used at first base , players must step on the orange base when overrunning first base, or when there is a legitimate play at first base (ball still in the infield).  Players stepping on the white base when the ball is in play in the infield may be called out.  Balls that  have reached the outfield will allow the runner to touch the white base in an attempt to advance to second base.  When in doubt runners should touch the orange base to avoid being called out.  .  Runner may overrun first base, any aggressive attempt towards second base the fielder may make a play on the runner. There MUST be aggression and it umpires discretion.

13. Home plate and bases: All plays at home plate and or a base where the fielder is in possession of the ball, the runner MUST slide to avoid any injury. The player MUST slide or give up, any un-sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated.

14. Stealing: Baserunners may attempt to advance once the ball has crossed the back corners of home plate when pitched to batter or the pitched ball has landed on the ground behind home plate.. The ball is dead if the batter has swung and missed, or foul tips, and If the ball lands in front of home plate or lands on home plate. Stealing of home is permitted on a live ball.

Please note: an overthrown ball  from the catcher  to the pitcher  is a live ball only after the pitcher has presented the ball (meaning if the pitched ball was at anytime dead, the pitcher must present the ball live again) before runners can advance at their own risk. This also means a runner on 3rd may advance to home at their own risk.

15. Batters hitting up the middle and pitching:  

AT coin toss the pitchers will decide if they are using a mask or a net. Both teams must agree, if no agreement a net will be used. The pitcher MUST step behind the net once the ball has been released. Failure to remain behind the net while the ball is in motion to be hit by the batter will result in one (1) warning. Then the pitcher will be removed from the pitching position.

Any batter who hits a ball which makes contact with the net, first contact is a strike, second contact is an OUT.  Any thrown ball from the outfield that hits the net is a live ball.

16. Game time: 55 minute  game time, games will start on time.  A team consisting of less than 8 girls will forfeit.   Championship game: 75 minutes, (if time allows)  double dip 55 minutes 

17. THROWING BATS: Intentionally throwing the bat in anger or frustration after your turn up to bat is not tolerated and will result in an automatic out for the batter when done at the plate and will result in player’s ejection for second offense, upon umpire’s discretion.

18.  Run rule: No run rule per inning. If a team is winning by 15 runs after 3 innings, the game shall cease, 12 after 4 innings and 10 after 5     This applies to championship game

19. PLAYERS: Must be at least 20 years of age and signed roster with liability waiver prior to the start of any game. A player found not to be listed on roster and/or not signed liability waiver WILL be ejected from the game

20. Fake tags: are prohibited.  A fake tag will result in the base runner being awarded one additional base (the base they were running to, plus one) The fielder faking the tag will be warned. The 2nd offense from any player on the team faking a tag will be ejected.

21. Appeal play or protest:  Appeal play must be made after the play has ceased and before the next pitch. Protest can only be done by the team captain.

Intentional ball drop: If any fielder who catches a ball and intentionally drops it, in an attempt to force a double play, the batter is out, ball is DEAD and runners may not advance. Fielder will be given a warning, 2nd offense ejection. Dropping of the ball is umpire’s discretion.

22. Home Run Rule:  Rec/bronze division  2 and 1 up to four (4) then I E.   Intermediate/Silver 6 homeruns then IE.   Batter does not have to touch bases with an over the fence home run.

23. Divisions:  Recreational allowed 1 intermediate drop.    Intermediate will be allowed any advance and advance plus players. 

24. Pitchers mound: All pitches are thrown underhand. The pitcher must have contact with at least one foot and the rubber mound marker before throwing a pitch. The pitch must be one continues motion, no ball shall be pitched in a motion to distract the batter. Any batted  ball traveling up the middle with a force/speed at which could cause injury to the pitcher, a warning will be giving to the batter  for first offense, an out to the batter for the second offense, third offense ejection. (injury:  a jammed finger does not qualify)

25. Guaranteed games: Sometimes a team may have more than the 3  games due to the number of teams entered in the tournament. All teams are only guaranteed 3 games.  If this is a seeded tournament. Seed positions will be determined by the first 2 games played if there is an unequal amount of games played per team.




Each team is responsible for their own game balls, a new game ball, and a back up ball, approved by the umpire.

  1. Forfeit time is game time. Games are 55 MINUTES unless teams are tied.  GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME. Only the first game will be allow a 10 minute delay, the 10 minutes is deducted from the game time.
  2.   A Texas tie breaker will be enforced to break the tie. If the game is tied, play continues until a decision is reached, by using the Texas (or international) tie-breaker rule. Starting in the top of the inning, the batting team starts with a base runner on second base, which is the player who is the last available to bat (in other words, the batter who last took their position in the batter’s box; regardless whether they were the last out or another runner was put out).  This includes if times runs out and game is in a tie. No games will end in a tie does not apply to championship game
  3. Arch of Pitch: no less than six (6), not greater than twelve (10)
  4. BATS:       Any bat but no SR Bats Ultra’s or non approved ASA. TAMPABAY SOFTBALL  and the umpires reserve the right to disallow a bat should it be thought the bat may have been doctored. NO SR bats or Ultra’s.   If any injury occurs from a batted ball, TBS staff has the right to seize the bat  to determine if the bat was altered.    Banned from Tampabay Softball is the AFTERMATH FLIPPER Absolutely no shaved bats!
    If any injury occurs from a batted ball, TBS staff has the right to seize the bat for 24 hours to determine if the bat was altered.    Please Note: any team 50 and older may use Sr bats and the ultra Team must be 100% 50 and older players. NO Metal cleats.  It is up to the team captain to make sure no metal cleats are worn prior to start time. All players must have proper shoes.
  5. REFUNDS: once a team has paid there are NO refunds.
  6. (SMALL BALL)  Balls can be purchased at the field or if brought to the filed must be approved by the umpire.